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Qualifications for apply Domestic Helpers from Abroad

Please provide the following supporting documents and information:

A copy of your Hong Kong identity card. If you are not a Hong Kong permanent resident, please make a copy of your travel document showing your personal particulars and the latest Hong Kong immigration stamp/visa.
Evidence showing that you are financially capable of employing a foreign domestic helper. Normally, the salary paid to the helper should not exceed one fourth of your family income. Examples of such evidence are as follows:
- Latest notice of assessment and demand for tax issued by the Inland Revenue Department OR
- Bank passbook/statement showing auto-payment of your monthly salary not less than HK$15,000 for the last 3 months OR
- Bank passbook/statement showing auto-payment of your annual income not less than HK$180,000 OR
- Salary statement/slips issued by your company OR
- 3 months bank fixed deposit of at least HK$360,000
(If you are going to hire 2 helpers, your annual income should not be less than HK$180,000 x 2 or your fixed deposit should not be less than HK$360,000 x 2)
Copy of marriage certificate
Original and copy of documentary proof (for the last 3 months) of your residential address as reported in the employment contract, such as water/gas/home telephone/demand for rates/electricity/TV bills. (Mobile phone bill is not accepted.) The original document will be returned to you through the applicant.
Current/last foreign domestic helper(s)'s name and Hong Kong identity card number/date of termination of contract/limitation of stay in Hong Kong.
Family Members list with HKID # and Date of Birth
Letter issued byHK Housing Department (for the public estate only)

* For items B & C, if the documentary proof is not under your name, please provide additional proof to show your relationship, such as a copy of your marriage certificate/birth certificate.

Employer's Responsibility

  • According to the regulations of HKSAR Government, the basic domestic helper salary or the minimum allowable wage in Hong Kong and no year end bonus and double pay.
  • The contract duration for domestic helper is two years which start from the date of the domestic helper arrival and no trail period.
  • Employer should provide their domestic helper daily food and accommodation.
  • Employer should buy domestic helper labor insurance and medical insurance.
  • Domestic helper enjoy one day a week vacation; twelve days statutory holidays per year; seven days paid annual leave for after full year of work, the first two-year contract that paid annual leave were entitled to fourteen days. Thereafter, add one day annually, up to fourteen days of paid annual leave each year.
  • Employer shall pay one-way ticket home for helper vacation when the contract finished or at least every two years of works.
  • If domestic helper served the same family for not less than five years and the helper is not to be hired, employer shall pay for long service payment to helper.
  • If employer dismisses the domestic helper, the employer shall give the dismiss letter, with one month's notice or payment in lieu, annual leave, salary and one-way ticket home to the domestic helper.
  • If domestic helper resigns, one month's notice or payment in lieu has to be given to the employer. Employer should give return one-way ticket home to the domestic helper.

Recruitment Notice

The below documents are needs to submitted by the Employer:

  1. From the date of domestic helper arrival, employer should purchase labor insurance for her/him, or liable to a maximum penalty of imprisonment and a fine.
  2. Once domestic helper landed Hong Kong, the domestic helper should apply the Hong Kong identity card within a month. In case, when the domestic helper feel sick or get injury, she need to go to the public hospital and the cost will be charged as residence price with HKID, otherwise, the employer need to pay as the visitor's price.
  3. The contract period is two years from the date of domestic helper arrival. The contract is open for termination in any time with one of both parties agrees. If employer dismisses the domestic helper, the employer shall give the termination letter with one month's notice or payment in lieu, annual leave, salary and one-way ticket home to the helper. Hong Kong Immigration Department has to be noticed by writing after the domestic helper dismissed within 7 days. Letter has to be noted the date of the domestic helper dismissed, contract number, domestic helper's HKID number, passport number, visa number and also the address. And the employer shall keep a copy for record. After informed Hong Kong Immigration Department, the employer's responsibility immediately ends. (Unless in exceptional circumstances, shall be required to assist the relevant institute) Under the current immigration laws, the domestic helper has rights to stay in Hong Kong no more than 14 days or the period of the visa restricted subject to the earliest date for the last day of stay. Employer has no responsibilities after the contract terminated.
  4. Once the domestic helper arrived, she should report to the consulate by filling up the form.
  5. The minimum monthly salary for the domestic helper by the provision of Labor Department of Hong Kong. If the employer paid to the domestic helper's salary is less than the above requirements, the employer is liable to a maximum penalty of imprisonment and a fine, and the need to pay back wages and interest owed by helper and other benefits. If the helper accept less than the required salary is also illegal to penalty of imprisonment and a fine.
  6. Domestic helper has to work in the specified address. No part-time work and work at somewhere other than specified address. The scope of work for the domestic helper should follow the employment's contract, otherwise, both employer and domestic helper are illegal to penalty of imprisonment and a fine.
  7. According to the provisions of the Labor Department in Hong Kong, all employers should grant your domestic helper at least 1 rest day in every period of 7 days. The domestic helper's entitlement to paid annual leave will increase progressively from 7 days to a maximum of 14 days upon termination or expiry of the contract with 2 years. Domestic helper should have 12 statutory holidays in a year. All holidays is arranged by the employer and domestic helper has to be noticed the arrangement of the holidays at the beginning of the month. (Note: new hired domestic helper has no paid statutory holidays in the first three months)
  8. The domestic helper's salary and vacation compensation shall be paid and proof by the sign of domestic helper.
  9. According to the employment contract, all the fees for preparation of domestic helper arrival which included medical examination costs, contract fees, visa fees, documents program fees, ticket fee should be paid in full by employer. Employer has to be paid the above and domestic helper can claim their employer after arrived.

Application Process and Time Frame
    1. Domestic helper is selected by employer and employer provide the required documents for the applicatio
    2. Our Agency submit documents to the consulate for approval (2 weeks)
    3. Our Agency submit documents to the Immigration Department for working VISA application (4-6 weeks)
    4. Employer will receive the notice for collect VISA when immigration department approved.
    5. Our Agency will pick the working VISA from Immigration Department.
    6. Our Agency will deliver the VISA to the domestic helper and arrange the helper to Hong Kong.
    7. Once the VISA arrived, the domestic helper will process the departure procedure, body check-up and preparation for departure.
    8. Our Agency will arrange organize to escort for the domestic helper from Hong Kong airport.
    9. Procedures for domestics after land Hong Kong:
      • Report duty to the consulate office
      • Apply for HKID
      • Body Check-up after land HK
      • Employer need to purpose Insurance for the domestic helper
    10. Our Agency will provide a briefing for the domestic helper before commence to work.
    11. Employer picks up the domestic helper at our agency.

Statutory Holidays

Under the ¡§Employment Ordinance¡¨, the employer should give the domestic helper statutory holiday.

If the domestic helper has worked for the employer over three months continuously, the domestic helper should entitle to have her statutory holiday(s).


New Year Day Jan 1


Dragon Boat Festival


The Lunar New Year Day


HKSAR Establishment Day July 1


The second Day of Lunar New Year


The day after Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival


The third Day of Lunar New Year


Chung Yeung Festival


Ching Ming Festival


National Day Oct 1


Labor Day May 1


Winter solstice OR Christmas Day (Choose by the employer)


The Birthday of the Buddha

Annual Leave

After 12 months of service for the same employer, domestic helper is entitled to paid annual leave in the next year. If domestic helper's contract end by any reason and has already work for more than three months but less than a year, helper could receive the payment in ratio of annual paid leave in lieu.

  Service Years

    # of days for Annual Leave

















9and above


Long service payment

Pay long service payment if your Domestic Helper has not less than 5 years of continuous service with you prior to the termination. The method for calculating long service payment: monthly wages x 2/3 x years of service.


All foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong, regardless of nationality, should receive at least the minimum allowable wages as stipulated in the employment contract. It is an offence if you pay your domestic helper monthly wages below the minimum.

Enquiries HK Labour Department

Employment Agencies Administration (EAA), Labour Department
Address: Unit 906, 9/F, One Mong Kok Rod Commerical Centre, 1 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon.
Tel: 2115 3667 Email: ea-ee@labor.gov.hk
Employment Agenice Portal:www.eaa.labour.gov.hk